Version 2019.08.01

This release was built against AppGameKit Classic 2019.08.01 to bring it up-to-date.  The versioning scheme has been changed so it matches AppGameKit Classic.

Some minor changes for this release:

  • Added method: get_image_size_from_file
  • Added LIBRARY_VERSION constant.
  • AA_4XMS is now AA_4XMSAA.
  • The create_advert and create_advert_ex 'size' parameter is now 'type'.  Granted, these methods aren't usable on Windows.
  • The BANNER_ constants have been renamed to use the ADVERT_ prefix.
  • The add_zip_entry 'path' parameter is now 'zip_path'.
  • The module's docstring has changed.


appgamekit.pyd v2019.08.01 6 MB
Aug 07, 2019
appgamekit.pyi v2019.08.01 1 MB
Aug 07, 2019
appgamekit.html (pydoc) v2019.08.01 2 MB
Aug 07, 2019 v2019.08.01 25 MB
Aug 07, 2019

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