Version 2020.11.16

In addition to the updates in AppGameKit Classic:

  • Fixed: String-returning plugin methods calls in the 64-bit version no longer crash.
  • Changed: These methods now return a bool instead of an int:
    • get_object_depth_write
    • get_object_3d_physics_first_contact
    • get_object_3d_physics_next_contact
    • get_objects_3d_physics_contact_position_vector
    • get_3d_physics_ray_cast_closest_contact_position
    • get_3d_physics_ray_cast_contact_position
    • is_3d_physics_ragdoll_static
    • get_3d_physics_joint_enabled
  • Changed: get_3d_physics_ray_cast_contact_position: "fraction" parameter renamed to "hit_index" and it is now an int.
  • Changed: get_3d_physics_ray_cast_object_hit: "fraction" parameter renamed to "hit_index" and is now an int.
  • Changed: create_3d_physics_6d_of_joint: renamed to "create_3d_physics_6dof_joint" and the "rotation_vector_id" parameter is now an int.
  • Changed: set_object_mesh_collision_mode: "mode" parameter renamed to "enabled" and is now a bool.
  • Changed: set_object_mesh_visible: "mode" parameter renamed to "visible" and is now a bool.
  • Changed: Help description for get_3d_physics_joint_enabled.
  • Changed: Help description for set_3d_physics_joint_enabled.
  • Changed: get_3d_physics_ragdoll_from_bone_object: "object_id" parameter renamed to "ragdoll_bone".
  • Changed: create_object_box_id: renamed to "create_object_id_box"
  • Changed: create_object_capsule_id: renamed to "create_object_id_capsule"
  • Changed: create_object_cone_id: renamed to "create_object_id_cone"
  • Changed: create_object_cylinder_id: renamed to "create_object_id_cylinder"
  • Changed: create_object_plane_id: renamed to "create_object_id_plane"
  • Changed: create_object_quad_id: renamed to "create_object_id_quad"
  • Changed: create_object_sphere_id: renamed to "create_object_id_sphere"
  • Changed: open_to_read_id: renamed to "open_id_to_read"
  • Changed: open_to_write_id: renamed to "open_id_to_write"
  • Changed: create_image_color_id: renamed to "create_image_id_color"
  • Changed: create_tween_camera_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_camera"
  • Changed: create_tween_chain_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_chain"
  • Changed: create_tween_char_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_char"
  • Changed: create_tween_custom_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_custom"
  • Changed: create_tween_object_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_object"
  • Changed: create_tween_sprite_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_sprite"
  • Changed: create_tween_text_id: renamed to "create_tween_id_text"
  • Added: constants for set_object_3d_physics_anisotropic_friction:

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Dec 10, 2020

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