Version 2019.09.10

This update brings AppGameKit for Python up-to-date with the latest AppGameKit Classic release.

In addition to the changes in AppGameKit Classic, this release also has the following changes:

  • Fixed path handling for create_zip, create_zip_id, get_http_file, open_to_write_id, start_screen_recording, and run_app.
  • The working directory is set to the read path at startup so the run_app method now works with local EXEs.
  • Added get_file_count, get_first_file, get_next_file, get_folder_count, get_first_folder, and get_next_folder. Note that these do not actually call the AppGameKit Classic functions, but are internal Python scripts that mimic the behavior of the AppGameKit methods.
  • Added FOLDER_MODE_READ_ONLY, FOLDER_MODE_WRITE_ONLY and FOLDER_MODE_BOTH constants for use with get_file_count, get_folder_count, get_first_file, and get_first_folder.
  • The "value2", "value3", and "value4" arguments are now optional for set_object_shader_constant_array_by_name, set_object_shader_constant_by_name, set_shader_constant_array_by_name, and set_shader_constant_by_name.


appgamekit.pyd v2019.09.10 6 MB
Sep 16, 2019
appgamekit.pyi v2019.09.10 1 MB
Sep 16, 2019
appgamekit.html (pydoc) v2019.09.10 2 MB
Sep 16, 2019 v2019.09.10 25 MB
Sep 16, 2019

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